Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

# Is there a limit on the number of words that i can use while writing the reviews?

A review having a word length of about 400-700 words is considered standard. Too long and too small reviews are not preferred to be posted in the website

# Do i need to send only the review write up or do i need to send the photos and videos about the reviews?

We prefer to have a quality write up about the products/services. Photos and videos need not be sent by the reviewers.

#Who can submit a review and what topics need to be selected for the reviews?

Anyone can submit a review provided it has valid opinion and reliable information about the products or the services.

frequently asked questions

# Which are the ways that i can send the reviews to post in the website

The reviewer can use the two following ways to send their reviews:

1. By clicking on the link ‘Submit a Review’ in the homepage. Once the review is validated and verified it will be posted in the site for the viewers.

It is suitable to bring in more in depth review content.

2. For those who have their own style of writing reviews can send their writings directly to the mail id

It will be verified before it is posted in the InPeaks site for the viewers.

#Am i allowed to write a review on any of the topics and submit?

No, our focus is to write reviews that are really sought after by the customers or the makers that in turn will help them to bring better products/services in the market.

Hence customers, makers and reviewers are benefited out of it. Please do not take topics that have obstructive contents.

#Which language do i need to submit the reviews?

Now we are only taking reviews written in English language.

#Which are the features that need to be incorporated in the reviews?

Reviews may include title, description, specifications, pros and cons, criticism, rating scale, positive feed backs as well as negative feed backs.

No Compromise on Quality. It should be crisp and clear for the visitors to understand.

For further inquiries please write to us at
Thank you