Golf Instruction: Five Tips to Help You Play Better Golf for Duffers

Golf is such fun on so many levels. The obvious thrill of the competition, the challenge presented by the design of the course or the excitement of chasing a new lowest score ever are just a part of the many elements of the game of golf that brings us back time and time again.

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How to play golf?

The quest for our new all time lowest score is one of those that runs deepest.

We possess a strong personal belief that we are capable of better play and lower scores.

This belief drives us to all manner of helps promising to help us save “5 to 7 strokes per round”. We try new equipment, take some lessons, and buy videos, gadgets and gizmos all in an attempt to shave a few strokes.

If you find too much of yourself in the description above allow me to humbly recommend that you give up trying to buy a better game and focus your efforts where they may yield some real long term benefit.

Here are five quick tips to help you shave those unwanted strokes from your handicap. Take them to heart and then to the course and you’ll come a whole lot closer to reaching a new all time lowest score than you will with all that spending.

Know your game

Playing better golf isn’t just about creating a fade or draw on demand. Instead it is about which shot shape you can best control.

Too many duffers with high handicaps let the course dictate their shot.

By that I mean they fail to strategic how they play each hole, picking targets that favor the strengths in their games.

It amazes me to watch some just hit away without regard for the target area. Then they are forced to play whatever lie and shot shape the course presents.

Not the smartest way to play golf. Plan your shots to favor your strengths. Click To Tweet

Develop a Routine

If you want to have a consistent swing you need a pre-shot routine then stick to it. Take a lesson from the pros on this. You’ll notice every one of them uses a routine.

A good pre-shot routine will serve to prepare you mentally, ensure proper posture and alignment. A routine will make things automatic for you.

With so many things to keep straight during a shot having a routine keeps you thinking about the shot at hand rather than swing set up and mechanics. When under pressure it is all the more important to use the routine.

The touring pros use one with great success, you should too.

Use a Stiff Front Leg

A good many parts of the golf swing are individual. That is people can do them differently and still be very successful. A stiff front (target side) leg is not one of them.

It is vital that the body swing against a solid front leg. The knees are still flexed, but firm.

If you want to hit with power and control then you too will need to swing against a firm front leg. This is a very common swing fault among duffers. So get it right and you’ll like how much better your shots will become.

Get Over It

I heard it quoted that golf is 90% mental. Can’t say I agree with that but I do think golf is more than 50% mental.

The mental game is more important than we usually recognize. The biggest place I see this show up is after a bad shot. A player not in control of his mental game will continue to allow one mistake to cause others.

A bad shot creates a bad hole, the bad hole creates another and before you know it the snowball effect has swallowed you and your round.

It is a normal part of golf that you will have bad shots and bad luck. Get angry if you must then let it go. Put it behind you. Get over it. Move on. Done, finished, over. Next shot. Stay positive.

Put in Rhythm

Putting well makes all the difference. You’ll hit more putts per round than any other shot by a wide margin. It makes sense that you could lower you score faster by becoming a more consistent putter.

While on the greens you need to focus on your putting tempo or rhythm. The green is no place to worry about posture or mechanics.

If you feel you’ve lost your putting rhythm during a round try this tip you’ll see the pros use.

Step away from the ball and turn your back to the sun. Your shadow will now be in front of you. Imagine you are swinging to the tune of a familiar song.

Watch your swing in the shadow until you feel you’ve found the rhythm again. Then move to the ball and make the putt.

Golf is a game and should be a fun one. If you’re one of those duffers who has the golf swing down but just aren’t scoring consistently well then take these five tips to heart and then to the course.

You’ll play better golf and see more than enough improvement to put a smile on your face. You’ll save a bunch of money too. Did I just see a smile on your face already?

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Wayne Hudler is an avid golfer of over 30 years and golf writer. Find more help for your golf game at: Dooley Duffer Golf

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