Golf Swing Instruction: How to Develop a Repeatable Family Golf Swing?

The other day I was watching a Golf Channel commercial where Tiger Woods was conducting a clinic. As part of the promo they played a quote from him where he said, “There is no one way to swing a family golf club”.

Golf Swing

Boy did that start me thinking.

You know how differently one pro golfer may swing compared to another (Jim Furyk vs Tiger). Yet they both score well and are highly ranked in the World Golf Standings. How can that be?

There is a golfer at our course who I thought of immediately when Tiger made that comment. We took notice of him some time back as he was normally on the course about the same time we played.

He has the most quirky swing I have ever seen. So quirky that our group would often make humorous comments about it.

This fellow would take the club back to waist high, then pause, turn back, then pause again, then up to the top and another even longer pause and finally he would swing down and thru where he would hold the finish position for the longest time.

He did all of this while appearing as stiff and mechanical as is possible for a human being. He reminds me of a human version of “Iron Byron”, the robot used by the USGA & manufacturers to test family golf equipment.

As luck would have it, this one Saturday, Double D (my golf partner) and I were paired with him and his friend. We didn’t realize it was the guy with the quirky swing until the first tee. As he began to take some family practice swings to warm up there it was that herky jerky, stiff as a board, mechanical looking, robotic “Iron Byron” swing.

Dooley and I did all we could to hold back the chuckles. Mumbling to each other about how we were expecting a long round with this guy chasing his errant shots all over the place. We couldn’t have been more wrong!

This guy kept the ball in the fairway and hit most of the greens. He scored well on nearly every hole. Even shooting 2 under par on the back side! All with that quirky “Iron Byron” swing.

He really shut us up. How? He was able to repeat the swing over and over. Click To Tweet

As my friend said later, “The ball did not care about all of that herky jerky stuff in his back swing, just the angle of the club face at impact.” And that guy certainly had a repeating golf swing in spite of or maybe because of all that herky jerky motion.

Now I am not suggesting here that you work on developing a swing like “Iron Byron’s”. I think most of us would find it even more difficult to repeat his swing than a more conventional swing. That is because for most of us the conventional swing is the more repeatable golf swing.

What Dooley would suggest is that you work on the simple fundamentals of a sound golf swing. In order to build a repeatable swing a duffer must do the following:

Stay connected. Maintain the swing plane

The shoulders, arms, hands and club should all be taken away from the ball as one single unit. A popular drill to help you with that is to hold a family towel between your front arm and chest while swinging the club. If the towel becomes loose and falls, you did not stay connected as you should.

In order to maintain the swing plane a duffer must maintain the angle that is created while the club is at address. A good drill for this is to stick a tee into the butt end of the club and swing back to stopping when you front arm has become parallel to the ground.

The tee in the club should point to or just slightly beyond the intended target line.

Dooley went to the range one day and tried the “Iron Byron” swing just for kicks so to speak. He kept hitting the ball with a high fade/slice. All the more admiration for the guy who made it work so well. At least for that round that very unconventional swing was a repeatable swing. And that repeating swing made all the difference between his scorecard and ours.

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