Should I Get Travel Health Insurance for Social Security?

We’ve all heard the health phrase, “Don’t drink the water in Mexico”. Well, it’s not just Mexico. There are many places all over the world with not-so-clean public water supplies.

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Travel health insurance

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A nasty stomach virus can easily land an unsuspecting traveler in the hospital for a few days, just enough to ruin your social trip and make you miss the flight home.

But don’t stay home just because of a few microscopic bugs. Just take some travel health insurance with you so that if you do get unlucky, the pain won’t reach your wallet.

So far we have only considered the invisible dangers that could find you. What about the millions of people who travel to foreign lands for ski trips and outdoor activities? In these cases it is practically a must.

In fact, many foreign tour operators require travelers to carry some form of extra insurance for medical and travel accidents.

It’s not that there is danger around every corner; it’s just the extreme cost of medical care and evacuation transport if something happens. These are things we take for granted at home. It is wise to not take these things for granted when you are away from home.

More than Just Health Insurance

Even if your personal health insurance plan covers you on foreign social soil, you are still likely to face expensive trip cancellation and rescheduling fees. This is one more reason to purchase affordable travel insurance.

Get sick or break an ankle and miss your flight? No problem. Call your travel insurance provider and they will even reschedule your trip for you as part of their plan.

What about the very unlikely case of a severe medical emergency? If you are older and have a history of medical conditions, you never know when something might happen and you need to get back home, International medical evacuations can cost upwards of $50,000.

If all of these doomsday scenarios have scared you off or made you rethink your travel plans, think again.

The whole point of this article is to show you that, with travel health insurance, you can feel free to go anywhere and do whatever you want and do it with confidence, because travel insurance takes the social security fear out of traveling. Enjoy!


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Sandra Cohen

Sandra Cohen is a health insurance consultant who worked as a consumer advocate for a full service Florida health insurance agency in Miami. Sandra has been in the health insurance industry for the past 17 years and has expertise in many areas of insurance, especially individual health insurance.

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