What you can learn from the super hit family movie Dangal?

You must all have heard about Dangal, the movie which released on December 21, 2016, turned out to be the highest Bollywood movie to have grossed 800 crores across India and the world.

How do you learn?

The movie just like any other movie of Mr. Aamir Khan was made with perfection and dedication. Click To Tweet

It is said to be the story of Mr. Mahavir Singh Phogat who is an ex wrestler from a small village in Haryana and how he coaches his daughters from winning gold medals for India.

It was written and directed by Mr. Nitesh Tiwari, an acclaimed director and was produced by Mr. Aamir Khan himself who was also the Hero of the movie.

The movie got rave reviews from the critics and the audience and in spite of demonetization it went on to be a blockbuster.

The story and the family movie will teach us something, all thanks to its awe-inspiring sequences and how to reach goals and how training plays an important role in reaching the goal.

Similarly, we can say that our career is built only when we follow the right rules and trust our instincts and beat the rest of the crowd only when we follow the trainers and are also up to date.

Our lives are also like the sports game with its own ups and downs. We have summed up a few points that you can relate to and build your career and family.

#1 Training relentlessly

In the movie, you can see that Mr. Phogat after accessing what a blessing his daughters have initiated training at a very young age with dedication so that they can win laurels to the country later.

Similarly, when you think of getting a job you just can’t run the companies and get jobs.

#2  Hard Work and Toil

In the movie, we see that the girls initially think the journey is tough for them and think of all kinds of excuses to skip the training or fight.

At a later stage, they understand the father’s wish that getting a medal and not being judged as a weaker sex and living a normal life is very important.

Similarly, you may be working in a call center or similar less paying job and you may not have the guts to move on and wish to seek better positions.

#3 Sticking to one plan and not on others

In the movie, Geetha Phogat after going to the academy forgets about all the training that she has undergone under her father and follows the new coach and ends up not winning any wrestling match.

She then understands that following the easier method will not work out and instead follows her father’s footsteps and wins the medal in the end.

Similarly, we should never seek the easiest way of getting the training and choose the harder way. You must also do what you like and not follow others.

We have summed up a few points and you must not fail in the effort to get the best jobs and attain careers. A good family movie to watch.

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