An Invisible Dog Fence Can Offer Your Dog Freedom

An invisible dog fence offers a “fenceless” boundary to your home and yard. For many of us who do not own a fenced in yard, this is one of the best options to keep your pet inside the boundaries without the expense of putting a regular fence around your property.

There are two main types of an invisible dog fence on the market. There is the wireless model of fence and the electric or electronic type of pet fence. The main difference is how they are set up, and this article being a basic overview, references to both types.

For the electric, also known as in-ground, model of dog fence, the way it works is pretty simple. First, a wire is buried around the boundary of the property you would like contained. This wire emits a radio signal to a receiver collar that your pet wears.

Your pet should be wearing the special collar whenever he is outside in the yard. One important thing to emphasize is that your canine must be trained and trained correctly for an invisible dog fence to do its job in a safe and effective method. When your pet gets close to the edge set by the wires, the collar will let out a warning sound letting your pet know he is getting too close.

If your dog is properly trained to use the fence system, she will often not go beyond this point. However, if the canine goes past the boundary line, the collar will transmit a mild static shock to tell your canine that is too far. The correction is not harmful to your canine and should not be viewed as wrong. It is similar to sliding across the carpet in socks and then touching your best friend.

The other type of invisible dog fence discussed is the wireless type of dog fencing. Wireless systems have a transmitter that can be placed in any secure and dry place like a barn. Instead of wire being buried around the boundary of your yard, when using a wireless fencing system, you basically only need to plug it in and choose the area of the boundary.

These types of systems are extremely nice if you need portability with your dog fence. They can be taken with you anywhere you go. The way the collar works with a wireless fence is very similar to the electronic fence.

There are some of us who do not believe that using these designs of fencing systems is safe. As long as instructions are followed and proper training procedures are in place, an invisible dog fence offers a very humane and productive way to keep your canine contained.

It is also a fraction of the cost of fencing in your entire yard. The receiver collars that come with these types of systems are specially designed to have adjustable settings of correction. You should use the lowest possible setting that effectively gets the message to your dog. Smaller dogs require lower settings and there are even special designs available for small pets.

An invisible dog fence is a great tool to keep your pet safe and secure within the boundaries you establish. With a little training, your pet will never venture past the point of needing correction.

Personally, with my pets, the minute they see the collar being put on them, they are on their best behavior and enjoy the freedom they get from one of these wonderful systems. If you are thinking one of these fences may be appropriate for your canine, please do the proper research and take the time to find out about the correct training techniques.

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Robert D. Jones

Robert Jones is a dog lover and believer in the proper training techniques for dogs such as the use of dog crates as a proper training tool. To find a dog crate, for your dog come visit our store.

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