A Courageous View of Family Life: By Marilyn Adamson

A few days ago I received an email from one of The Findables. She shared about a terrorist attack in Kenya…but even more than that, it is a real description about living by faith.

Ways to be courageous

A great, encouraging report. Here it is…

“I live in Kenya where we get Al-Shabaab threats and attacks from time to time, the most recent being the attack on Garissa University College where over 147 people were shot dead.

Last Sunday in church the preacher gave us a testimony on one of the victims who happened to be his spiritual son. He had been praying to God to help him be called to a university of His choice.

When the university selection was done and the people got their university admission letters, he found that he had been admitted to Garissa University College.

That is one place people usually avoid due to its proximity to the Somalia border where the A-Shabaab originated from.

His parents were concerned but he told them that he is fine with going there because to him, he knows that God has a reason why he should study there and that education is vanity therefore he knows there is a bigger reason than just education.

He also informed them that whether he dies or not it is fine by him; that was in 2013 when he joined the school.

He used to tell his parents that he does not mind dying as long as he dies after he has fulfilled his purpose on earth.

After he joined the university he went about teaching other students the word of  God and was able to get about twenty two new believers in Christ.

He made it a habit to fellowship with them regularly and on that fateful day they were gathered in a lecture hall fellow-shipping and family praying together all the twenty three of them.

When the terrorists came they were all gunned down………out of the twenty three only one person survived but was critically injured.

The preacher said that when they heard on the news that some students were shot in a lecture hall where they were holding their family prayers and they knew that Mwiti was no longer with them because they were sure that where people were gathered in prayer that is where brother Mwiti will be found.

May we pray that God gives us that kind of courage because he had the courage to teach the gospel there without fear.”

This is what it is like to live with an eternal perspective. God has given us eternal life. Our family life is just a dot on the line of eternity.

We can walk in faith, following our faithful God who so dearly loves us. Click To Tweet

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Marilyn Adamson

Marilyn is a former atheist who found her way to God by asking questions of a believer. Marilyn founded EveryStudent.com and the site has has grown exponentially in the past 15 years. Her goal is that every page on the website answers people’s questions about who God is. She is a staff member with Campus Crusade for Christ.

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