PROMOTE! Yourself: Time for you to Reach Higher Career than ‘You Should’

I just got off the phone with a former client who has suddenly had the revelation. She is qualified and should be in management.

Promote Yourself!

Now is the perfect time for her to realize that goal since she is re-entering the workforce after taking a few months off to care for her mother.

The trick will be drafting a great resume stating her managerial responsibilities (which is very doable) while not, in fact, having been bestowed the title.

I guess you can see where I’m going here…yup, accomplishments.

I have always recommended that people apply for positions 20 to 30% above what they BELIEVE they are capable of because most of the time, assuming you have the relevant career experience and time-in-grade for your current job, you can handle the stretch.

All too often workers don’t believe in themselves enough. Click To Tweet

Or they have been held down/kept back by immediate supervisors who (1) don’t want to lose them or (2) don’t want to have to compete with them.

Here’s the point: Don’t take for granted that what you do is usual. You might be a receptionist or an admin or a dock worker.

Recognize that every person in an organization is there to serve a purpose for higher career. That your outstanding ability to forklift and load a truck has led to numerous deliveries with zero damage or injury to other workers.

There is a LOT of value in such a claim! And maybe, just maybe, you should be applying to become the warehouse manager or, even better, the regional manager of shipping. Think about that!

I have a TON of history working with individuals who did not have the career confidence to make that stretch.

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Rick Gillis

Rick Gillis is a nationally recognized careers expert who specializes in personal promotion on the job. A onetime workplace radio and TV host, Rick is a speaker and the author of five books including PROMOTE! Your work does not speak for itself. You do.

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