Career Things that Awesome Recruiters do?

In the recruiting world, there are awesome recruiters, mediocre recruiters, and bad recruiters.   My personal opinion is 10% are awesome recruiters, 80% are mediocre, and 10% are bad.   This article is about the 10% that are awesome.

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Great things awesome recruiters  do.

 * The Awesome Recruiter contacts you and updates you during holidays. It is amazing when they go above and beyond the call of duty. They clearly care about your progress in the job search, and they know that looking for work does not take a day off.

* The Awesome Recruiter has a relationship with the hiring manager, and knows them as friends. They’re a valuable connection, and a great addition to your network.

* The Awesome Recruiter gives you tips to get along great with the hiring manager. “She likes to go bike riding, so using bicycle metaphors is a great idea.” “He’s a Bulls fan, so use basketball metaphors.”

When the awesome recruiter knows the hiring manager personally, they know their personality and what makes them tick, and how you can relate to them personally.

* The Awesome Recruiter has empathy toward the job seeker. The job market is brutal, and the awesome recruiter being an understanding voice goes a long way to building rapport and relationship.

In the USA, we have a “Musical Chairs Game” job market.  The awesome recruiter knows this and understands what you’re going through.

* The Awesome Recruiter actually has a job for you. They don’t waste time contacting candidates empty-handed.

They already have a job and are ready to get the ball rolling with you.   They’re not calling you to waste your time to make a database entry so that “in the future” they may contact you.   They’re focusing on the here and now.  Opportunity is knocking now.

* The Awesome Recruiter has great career rapport. They can make you feel at ease, and comfortable with the recruiting process. As a result, not only do they work well with you, they also work well with the people who will be hiring you.

* The Awesome Recruiter listens to your career concerns. Some candidates are nervous, so they calm the nerves. Other candidates have questions and worries, the awesome recruiter tries to ease their worries.

* The Awesome Recruiter has a great career radar that spots nonsense. The awesome recruiter knows when clients are clueless on what they want but act like they know what they want. The awesome recruiter nails down what is really wanted.

* The Awesome Recruiter makes sure the candidate is shielded from the nonsense. The client pounds their fist and throws a temper tantrum in the morning. The awesome recruiter doesn’t bring that to you.

The client dumps their stress on the recruiter, but you don't get any of that stress. Click To Tweet

* The Awesome Recruiter is a great diplomat.   Two sides (client and candidate) are seeking to come together, and the Awesome Recruiter is the diplomat bringing them together.

They know the right words to say to make the deal happen.

 These awesome recruiters are a treasure and do wonderful things.  If you know one, tell your friends about them.   They make the recruiting industry look great.

There are other good career things that awesome recruiters do, so post them in the comments.    I’d like to write a follow up and talk more about awesome recruiters.

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