Renault Duster, Strong and Masculine in a Family Life!

Duster is a new SUV from the great manufacturer Renault. The company has brought out it in the market to delight the customers.

Renault Duster

The SUV comes in both petrol and diesel types in the showrooms. Click To Tweet

The petrol type has 1598 cc engine with a mileage of 14 kmpl while the diesel type has 1461cc engine with a mileage of 18kmpl.

Even though it looks big size SUV only 5 people seating capacity is available as compared to the 7 seating standard SUVs.

Fuel:               Diesel / Petrol
Engine, Petrol:  1598cc
Engine, Diesel:  1461cc
BHP, Petrol:       102 at 5850rpm
BHP, Diesel:       84 at 3750 rpm
Mileage, Petrol: 14kmpl
Mileage, Diesel: 18kmpl
Seating:              5 people

The exteriors of the SUV are very attractive and give a majestic appearance to the people. Duster’s engine is awesome and makes the driving experience comfortable.

The level of comfort and space are quite appreciable aspects of Duster. The mileage of the diesel and the petrol variants are reasonable according to the price tags of the family vehicle.

Apart from the positive points, one of the remarks that need consideration is the interiors of the family vehicle.

There are a number of competitors on the road. However to make a mention is Ford Eco Sport, one of its counterpart for the family life buyers to choose from.

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